Can I Return My Maserati Lease Early?

February 15th, 2023 by

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Are you leasing a Maserati vehicle but looking to get out of the lease? There are things you may be able to do. This guide goes over the different options for ending a Maserati lease early so you can figure out if any of them will work for you.

Why Do You Want to End the Lease?

This is the first question to ask when it comes to ending a lease early. If you love the vehicle and would rather start financing it so you can own it, a lease buyout could be possible. This is something you’ll want to talk to your dealership about. If, however, the payments are the problem, there are some potential solutions:

Transfer the Lease

Do you know someone who’d be willing to take over the lease for you? If so, transferring it to them could be a win-win for everybody. There are two things to know about this, however. First, there will be a fee involved. Secondly, your name will still be on the lease. This is why you have to be pretty confident that this person will make all the payments on time.

Buy the Car

This may sound strange if finances are the issue, but if you can get that lease buyout and then start financing the vehicle, it’s now your car. This means that you can immediately try to sell it if you like.

Pay the Early Termination Fee

If other solutions aren’t doable, you may have to bite the bullet and just pay the fees that come with an early lease termination. Be sure to find out exactly what these are ahead of time so they’re not a big surprise.

Any questions about ending a lease early? Get in touch with Zeigler Maserati in Schaumburg, IL.


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