Maserati Levante is Welcomed by Glowing Reviews

The arrival of any new model is bound to pique the interest of automotive enthusiasts, but when the vehicle in question is made by Maserati, the expectations are raised exponentially. Perhaps because of the storied history of the Italian automaker, or the fact that over the course of its history it has never produced an SUV model, or even a combination of both, the new Maserati Levante is facing enormous pressure as it enters a hotly-contested and popular SUV segment.

But the right amount of pressure can create a diamond and based on initial reviews of the new Maserati Levante, Maserati has effortlessly exceeded every expectation, delivering an SUV that provides the thrilling performance, effortless capability, and the legendary luxury so closely associated with the Maserati brand.

According to Automobile Magazine and Motor Trend, two of the most widely respected names in the industry, the Levante is already among the very best in its segment. In both reviews, the writers discussed the immense pleasure derived from leaving a BMW X5 in the dust, as well as the dynamic shift in control when activating the sport mode button. The writers also noted that for a 4,600 pound SUV, the Maserati Levante handles like a more agile sports car, and is capable of “doing things a 4,600-pound SUV shouldn’t be capable of doing.”

While many Chicago-area drivers may not end up taking the Levante off-road, it is worth noting that the Maserati Levante performs admirably in off-road conditions, as each reviewer was keen to point out. With two off-road driving modes, the Maserati SUV is incredibly sure-footed and capable in the face of tough terrain, once again proving detractors wrong.

To learn more about the exciting new Maserati Levante, come to Zeigler Maserati on April 18th, as we will be unveiling the model, so drivers throughout Schaumburg, Barrington, Park Ridge, St Charles, and beyond can get up-close with this new Maserati model. We’ll ensure that you’re fully prepared for the sporty, luxurious, and capable future offered by the outstanding new Maserati Levante.

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