Maserati Parts 101: Radiator

September 7th, 2023 by

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There are thousands of Maserati parts in your vehicle. While they all play key roles, some are more important than others. Here Zeigler Maserati discusses the radiator and why you’ll want to make sure it’s always in good condition.

What Does the Radiator Do?

Along with the fan, thermostat, and coolant, the radiator is an essential component of the engine’s cooling system. It keeps an engine cool by removing excess heat from the engine. Coolant travels from the radiator through the engine, and when it does this, it absorbs heat. The coolant than goes back to the radiator so the cycle can begin again.

Signs of Trouble with Your Radiator

Because the radiator is instrumental in keeping your engine running well, you need to be aware of possible issues with it. Warning signs to look out for include:


While driving, you should periodically check out the temperature gauge. If things are fine, the line should be somewhere in the middle. If, however, it keeps edging toward the hot side something is up with the radiator.


If steam comes out from under the hood, something is almost certainly wrong with the cooling system. This could indicate that the car is overheating or perhaps that the water pump is broken.

Fluid Under Your Car

Coolant has a greenish color, and if you see this under your car, there is probably a leak. It’s important that this gets addressed quickly. If you wait too long, the coolant will drain out completely, which will cause your engine to overheat.

Get Your Radiator Looked at By the Experts in Schaumburg

Do you think something is wrong with your radiator? Get in touch with the service center at our Maserati dealership in Schaumburg, IL, to have it examined by the pros.

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