Winter Service Tips for Chicago Area Drivers

Now that winter is here in full force, drivers throughout Chicago and the nearby areas may find themselves dreading the need to drive through questionable conditions, wary of the risk posed by difficult weather. Here at Zeigler Maserati, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of great Maserati models that will effortlessly provide luxurious bliss to drivers throughout the region. Winter weather can pose a risk to drivers of all kinds, so we’ve compiled a list of some winter service tips, which will help to keep your vehicle ready for the demands of winter driving

– Tire Pressure – The pressure in your tires can be a victim to extreme cold, causing loss of tire pressure and resulting in worse fuel efficiency for the vehicle.

– Top Off Fluids – Keeping the fluids full is an important tip year round, but it is perhaps most important in the winter. Specifically things like antifreeze and windshield washer fluid, which will help you maintain visibility even as the conditions outside get worse. You’ll also want to have your oil changed to prep for the cold weather, which normally doesn’t take longer than a half-hour.

– Winter Tires – One option worth considering is that of winter tires, specially designed to handle the challenges of winter weather, mounting winter tires on your vehicle will ensure that you get the best traction possible. Combined with the available Q4 all-wheel drive system on select Maserati models and this will help deliver unparalleled peace-of-mind to drivers and passengers alike.

– Replace Wiper Blades – Snow and winter weather can lead to a loss of visibility as your windshield gets dirty and old wiper blades may not do a great job of clearing it all away. So when winter arrives, replace your windshield wipers to ensure that your visibility is never hindered.

There are many ways for drivers to prep their Maserati models for the arrival of winter and if you’re looking for more tips or are in need of automotive service, schedule a service appointment with our service team, and then come see us at 210 W Golf Rd, Schaumburg, IL. Once you arrive at our location we’ll make sure your Maserati model is ready to provide greater satisfaction as you set out on suburban Chicago roads.

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